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TimeDomainDisplayPlot Class Reference

QWidget for displaying time domain plots. More...

#include <gnuradio/qtgui/TimeDomainDisplayPlot.h>

Public Slots

void setSampleRate (double sr, double units, const std::string &strunits)
void setAutoScale (bool state)
void setAutoScaleShot ()
void setSemilogx (bool en)
void setSemilogy (bool en)
void legendEntryChecked (QwtPlotItem *plotItem, bool on) override
void legendEntryChecked (const QVariant &plotItem, bool on, int index) override
void enableTagMarker (unsigned int which, bool en)
void setYLabel (const std::string &label, const std::string &unit="")
void attachTriggerLines (bool en)
void setTriggerLines (double x, double y)
void setTagTextColor (QColor c)
void setTagBackgroundColor (QColor c)
void setTagBackgroundStyle (Qt::BrushStyle b)
- Public Slots inherited from DisplayPlot
virtual void disableLegend ()
virtual void setAxisLabels (bool en)
virtual void setYaxis (double min, double max)
virtual void setXaxis (double min, double max)
virtual void setLineLabel (unsigned int which, QString label)
virtual QString getLineLabel (unsigned int which)
virtual void setLineColor (unsigned int which, QColor color)
virtual QColor getLineColor (unsigned int which) const
virtual void setLineWidth (unsigned int which, int width)
virtual int getLineWidth (unsigned int which) const
virtual void setLineStyle (unsigned int which, Qt::PenStyle style)
virtual const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle (unsigned int which) const
virtual void setLineMarker (unsigned int which, QwtSymbol::Style marker)
virtual const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker (unsigned int which) const
virtual void setMarkerAlpha (unsigned int which, int alpha)
virtual int getMarkerAlpha (unsigned int which) const
void setLineColor1 (QColor)
void setLineColor2 (QColor)
void setLineColor3 (QColor)
void setLineColor4 (QColor)
void setLineColor5 (QColor)
void setLineColor6 (QColor)
void setLineColor7 (QColor)
void setLineColor8 (QColor)
void setLineColor9 (QColor)
void setLineWidth1 (int)
void setLineWidth2 (int)
void setLineWidth3 (int)
void setLineWidth4 (int)
void setLineWidth5 (int)
void setLineWidth6 (int)
void setLineWidth7 (int)
void setLineWidth8 (int)
void setLineWidth9 (int)
void setLineStyle1 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle2 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle3 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle4 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle5 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle6 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle7 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle8 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineStyle9 (Qt::PenStyle)
void setLineMarker1 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker2 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker3 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker4 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker5 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker6 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker7 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker8 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setLineMarker9 (QwtSymbol::Style)
void setMarkerAlpha1 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha2 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha3 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha4 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha5 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha6 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha7 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha8 (int)
void setMarkerAlpha9 (int)
void setZoomerColor (QColor c)
void setPaletteColor (QColor c)
void setAxisLabelFontSize (int axisId, int fs)
void setYaxisLabelFontSize (int fs)
void setXaxisLabelFontSize (int fs)
void setAxesLabelFontSize (int fs)
void setStop (bool on)
void resizeSlot (QSize *s)
void onPickerPointSelected (const QPointF &p)

Public Member Functions

 TimeDomainDisplayPlot (int nplots, QWidget *)
 ~TimeDomainDisplayPlot () override
 TimeDomainDisplayPlot (const TimeDomainDisplayPlot &)=delete
 TimeDomainDisplayPlot (TimeDomainDisplayPlot &&)=delete
TimeDomainDisplayPlotoperator= (const TimeDomainDisplayPlot &)=delete
TimeDomainDisplayPlotoperator= (TimeDomainDisplayPlot &&)=delete
void plotNewData (const std::vector< double * > dataPoints, const int64_t numDataPoints, const double timeInterval, const std::vector< std::vector< gr::tag_t >> &tags=std::vector< std::vector< gr::tag_t >>())
void replot () override
void stemPlot (bool en)
double sampleRate () const
const QColor getTagTextColor ()
const QColor getTagBackgroundColor ()
const Qt::BrushStyle getTagBackgroundStyle ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DisplayPlot
 DisplayPlot (int nplots, QWidget *)
 ~DisplayPlot () override
const QColor getLineColor1 () const
const QColor getLineColor2 () const
const QColor getLineColor3 () const
const QColor getLineColor4 () const
const QColor getLineColor5 () const
const QColor getLineColor6 () const
const QColor getLineColor7 () const
const QColor getLineColor8 () const
const QColor getLineColor9 () const
int getLineWidth1 () const
int getLineWidth2 () const
int getLineWidth3 () const
int getLineWidth4 () const
int getLineWidth5 () const
int getLineWidth6 () const
int getLineWidth7 () const
int getLineWidth8 () const
int getLineWidth9 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle1 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle2 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle3 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle4 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle5 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle6 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle7 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle8 () const
const Qt::PenStyle getLineStyle9 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker1 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker2 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker3 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker4 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker5 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker6 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker7 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker8 () const
const QwtSymbol::Style getLineMarker9 () const
int getMarkerAlpha1 () const
int getMarkerAlpha2 () const
int getMarkerAlpha3 () const
int getMarkerAlpha4 () const
int getMarkerAlpha5 () const
int getMarkerAlpha6 () const
int getMarkerAlpha7 () const
int getMarkerAlpha8 () const
int getMarkerAlpha9 () const
QColor getZoomerColor () const
QColor getPaletteColor () const
int getAxisLabelFontSize (int axisId) const
int getYaxisLabelFontSize () const
int getXaxisLabelFontSize () const
int getAxesLabelFontSize () const


QColor tag_text_color
QColor tag_background_color
Qt::BrushStyle tag_background_style
- Properties inherited from DisplayPlot
QColor line_color1
QColor line_color2
QColor line_color3
QColor line_color4
QColor line_color5
QColor line_color6
QColor line_color7
QColor line_color8
QColor line_color9
int line_width1
int line_width2
int line_width3
int line_width4
int line_width5
int line_width6
int line_width7
int line_width8
int line_width9
Qt::PenStyle line_style1
Qt::PenStyle line_style2
Qt::PenStyle line_style3
Qt::PenStyle line_style4
Qt::PenStyle line_style5
Qt::PenStyle line_style6
Qt::PenStyle line_style7
Qt::PenStyle line_style8
Qt::PenStyle line_style9
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker1
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker2
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker3
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker4
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker5
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker6
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker7
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker8
QwtSymbolStyle line_marker9
int marker_alpha1
int marker_alpha2
int marker_alpha3
int marker_alpha4
int marker_alpha5
int marker_alpha6
int marker_alpha7
int marker_alpha8
int marker_alpha9
QColor zoomer_color
QColor palette_color
int yaxis_label_font_size
int xaxis_label_font_size
int axes_label_font_size

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from DisplayPlot
void plotPointSelected (const QPointF p)
- Protected Slots inherited from DisplayPlot
virtual void legendEntryChecked (QwtPlotItem *plotItem, bool on)
virtual void legendEntryChecked (const QVariant &plotItem, bool on, int index)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DisplayPlot
unsigned int d_nplots
std::vector< QwtPlotCurve * > d_plot_curve
QwtPlotPanner * d_panner
QwtPlotZoomer * d_zoomer
QwtPlotMagnifier * d_magnifier
int64_t d_numPoints
bool d_stop
QList< QColor > d_trace_colors
bool d_autoscale_state

Detailed Description

QWidget for displaying time domain plots.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TimeDomainDisplayPlot() [1/3]

TimeDomainDisplayPlot::TimeDomainDisplayPlot ( int  nplots,
QWidget *   

◆ ~TimeDomainDisplayPlot()

TimeDomainDisplayPlot::~TimeDomainDisplayPlot ( )

◆ TimeDomainDisplayPlot() [2/3]

TimeDomainDisplayPlot::TimeDomainDisplayPlot ( const TimeDomainDisplayPlot )

◆ TimeDomainDisplayPlot() [3/3]

TimeDomainDisplayPlot::TimeDomainDisplayPlot ( TimeDomainDisplayPlot &&  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ attachTriggerLines

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::attachTriggerLines ( bool  en)

◆ enableTagMarker

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::enableTagMarker ( unsigned int  which,
bool  en 

◆ getTagBackgroundColor()

const QColor TimeDomainDisplayPlot::getTagBackgroundColor ( )

◆ getTagBackgroundStyle()

const Qt::BrushStyle TimeDomainDisplayPlot::getTagBackgroundStyle ( )

◆ getTagTextColor()

const QColor TimeDomainDisplayPlot::getTagTextColor ( )

◆ legendEntryChecked [1/2]

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::legendEntryChecked ( const QVariant &  plotItem,
bool  on,
int  index 

◆ legendEntryChecked [2/2]

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::legendEntryChecked ( QwtPlotItem *  plotItem,
bool  on 

◆ operator=() [1/2]

TimeDomainDisplayPlot& TimeDomainDisplayPlot::operator= ( const TimeDomainDisplayPlot )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

TimeDomainDisplayPlot& TimeDomainDisplayPlot::operator= ( TimeDomainDisplayPlot &&  )

◆ plotNewData()

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::plotNewData ( const std::vector< double * >  dataPoints,
const int64_t  numDataPoints,
const double  timeInterval,
const std::vector< std::vector< gr::tag_t >> &  tags = std::vector< std::vector< gr::tag_t >>() 

◆ replot()

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::replot ( )

Implements DisplayPlot.

◆ sampleRate()

double TimeDomainDisplayPlot::sampleRate ( ) const

◆ setAutoScale

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setAutoScale ( bool  state)

◆ setAutoScaleShot

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setAutoScaleShot ( )

◆ setSampleRate

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setSampleRate ( double  sr,
double  units,
const std::string &  strunits 

◆ setSemilogx

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setSemilogx ( bool  en)

◆ setSemilogy

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setSemilogy ( bool  en)

◆ setTagBackgroundColor

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setTagBackgroundColor ( QColor  c)

◆ setTagBackgroundStyle

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setTagBackgroundStyle ( Qt::BrushStyle  b)

◆ setTagTextColor

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setTagTextColor ( QColor  c)

◆ setTriggerLines

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setTriggerLines ( double  x,
double  y 

◆ setYLabel

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::setYLabel ( const std::string &  label,
const std::string &  unit = "" 

◆ stemPlot()

void TimeDomainDisplayPlot::stemPlot ( bool  en)

Property Documentation

◆ tag_background_color

QColor TimeDomainDisplayPlot::tag_background_color

◆ tag_background_style

Qt::BrushStyle TimeDomainDisplayPlot::tag_background_style

◆ tag_text_color

QColor TimeDomainDisplayPlot::tag_text_color

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