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TimeRasterDisplayForm Class Reference

DisplayForm child for managing time raster plots. More...

#include <gnuradio/qtgui/timerasterdisplayform.h>

Public Slots

void customEvent (QEvent *e) override
void setNumRows (double rows)
void setNumCols (double cols)
void setNumRows (QString rows)
void setNumCols (QString cols)
void setSampleRate (const double samprate)
void setSampleRate (const QString &rate) override
void setXAxis (double min, double max)
void setXLabel (const std::string &label)
void setYAxis (double min, double max)
void setYLabel (const std::string &label)
void setIntensityRange (const double minIntensity, const double maxIntensity)
void setMaxIntensity (const QString &m)
void setMinIntensity (const QString &m)
void setColorMap (unsigned int which, const int newType, const QColor lowColor=QColor("white"), const QColor highColor=QColor("white"))
void setAlpha (unsigned int which, unsigned int alpha)
void autoScale (bool en=false) override
- Public Slots inherited from DisplayForm
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e) override
void customEvent (QEvent *e) override=0
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e) override
void setUpdateTime (double t)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
void setLineLabel (unsigned int which, const QString &label)
void setLineColor (unsigned int which, const QString &color)
void setLineWidth (unsigned int which, unsigned int width)
void setLineStyle (unsigned int which, Qt::PenStyle style)
void setLineMarker (unsigned int which, QwtSymbol::Style style)
void setMarkerAlpha (unsigned int which, unsigned int alpha)
QString title ()
QString lineLabel (unsigned int which)
QString lineColor (unsigned int which)
int lineWidth (unsigned int which)
Qt::PenStyle lineStyle (unsigned int which)
QwtSymbol::Style lineMarker (unsigned int which)
int markerAlpha (unsigned int which)
virtual void setSampleRate (const QString &rate)
void setStop (bool on)
void setStop ()
void setGrid (bool on)
void setAxisLabels (bool en)
void saveFigure ()
void disableLegend ()

Public Member Functions

 TimeRasterDisplayForm (int nplots=1, double samp_rate=1, double rows=1, double cols=1, double zmax=1, QWidget *parent=0)
 ~TimeRasterDisplayForm () override
TimeRasterDisplayPlotgetPlot () override
double numRows ()
double numCols ()
int getColorMap (unsigned int which)
int getAlpha (unsigned int which)
double getMinIntensity (unsigned int which)
double getMaxIntensity (unsigned int which)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DisplayForm
 DisplayForm (int nplots=1, QWidget *parent=0)
 ~DisplayForm () override
void Reset ()
bool isClosed () const
void enableMenu (bool en=true)

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from DisplayForm
void plotPointSelected (const QPointF p, int type)
void toggleGrid (bool en)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DisplayForm
bool d_isclosed
unsigned int d_nplots
QGridLayout * d_layout
bool d_system_specified_flag
QwtPlotGrid * d_grid
bool d_menu_on
QMenu * d_menu
QAction * d_stop_act
bool d_stop_state
QAction * d_grid_act
bool d_grid_state
QAction * d_axislabelsmenu
bool d_axislabels
QAction * d_autoscale_act
bool d_autoscale_state
QList< QMenu * > d_lines_menu
QList< LineTitleAction * > d_line_title_act
QList< LineColorMenu * > d_line_color_menu
QList< LineWidthMenu * > d_line_width_menu
QList< LineStyleMenu * > d_line_style_menu
QList< LineMarkerMenu * > d_line_marker_menu
QList< MarkerAlphaMenu * > d_marker_alpha_menu
QAction * d_save_act
double d_update_time

Detailed Description

DisplayForm child for managing time raster plots.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TimeRasterDisplayForm()

TimeRasterDisplayForm::TimeRasterDisplayForm ( int  nplots = 1,
double  samp_rate = 1,
double  rows = 1,
double  cols = 1,
double  zmax = 1,
QWidget *  parent = 0 

◆ ~TimeRasterDisplayForm()

TimeRasterDisplayForm::~TimeRasterDisplayForm ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ autoScale

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::autoScale ( bool  en = false)

◆ customEvent

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::customEvent ( QEvent *  e)

◆ getAlpha()

int TimeRasterDisplayForm::getAlpha ( unsigned int  which)

◆ getColorMap()

int TimeRasterDisplayForm::getColorMap ( unsigned int  which)

◆ getMaxIntensity()

double TimeRasterDisplayForm::getMaxIntensity ( unsigned int  which)

◆ getMinIntensity()

double TimeRasterDisplayForm::getMinIntensity ( unsigned int  which)

◆ getPlot()

TimeRasterDisplayPlot* TimeRasterDisplayForm::getPlot ( )

Implements DisplayForm.

◆ numCols()

double TimeRasterDisplayForm::numCols ( )

◆ numRows()

double TimeRasterDisplayForm::numRows ( )

◆ setAlpha

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setAlpha ( unsigned int  which,
unsigned int  alpha 

◆ setColorMap

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setColorMap ( unsigned int  which,
const int  newType,
const QColor  lowColor = QColor("white"),
const QColor  highColor = QColor("white") 

◆ setIntensityRange

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setIntensityRange ( const double  minIntensity,
const double  maxIntensity 

◆ setMaxIntensity

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setMaxIntensity ( const QString &  m)

◆ setMinIntensity

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setMinIntensity ( const QString &  m)

◆ setNumCols [1/2]

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setNumCols ( double  cols)

◆ setNumCols [2/2]

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setNumCols ( QString  cols)

◆ setNumRows [1/2]

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setNumRows ( double  rows)

◆ setNumRows [2/2]

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setNumRows ( QString  rows)

◆ setSampleRate [1/2]

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setSampleRate ( const double  samprate)

◆ setSampleRate [2/2]

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setSampleRate ( const QString &  rate)

◆ setXAxis

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setXAxis ( double  min,
double  max 

◆ setXLabel

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setXLabel ( const std::string &  label)

◆ setYAxis

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setYAxis ( double  min,
double  max 

◆ setYLabel

void TimeRasterDisplayForm::setYLabel ( const std::string &  label)

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