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gr::digital::constellation_sector Class Referenceabstract

Sectorized digital constellation. More...

#include <gnuradio/digital/constellation.h>

Public Member Functions

 constellation_sector (std::vector< gr_complex > constell, std::vector< int > pre_diff_code, unsigned int rotational_symmetry, unsigned int dimensionality, unsigned int n_sectors, normalization_t normalization=AMPLITUDE_NORMALIZATION)
 ~constellation_sector () override
unsigned int decision_maker (const gr_complex *sample) override
 Returns the constellation point that matches best. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gr::digital::constellation
 constellation (std::vector< gr_complex > constell, std::vector< int > pre_diff_code, unsigned int rotational_symmetry, unsigned int dimensionality, normalization_t normalization=AMPLITUDE_NORMALIZATION, float npwr=1.0)
 constellation ()
virtual ~constellation ()
void normalize (normalization_t normalization)
 Normalizes the constellation. More...
void map_to_points (unsigned int value, gr_complex *points)
 Returns the constellation points for a symbol value. More...
std::vector< gr_complexmap_to_points_v (unsigned int value)
unsigned int decision_maker_v (std::vector< gr_complex > sample)
 Takes a vector rather than a pointer. Better for SWIG wrapping. More...
unsigned int decision_maker_pe (const gr_complex *sample, float *phase_error)
 Also calculates the phase error. More...
virtual void calc_metric (const gr_complex *sample, float *metric, gr::digital::trellis_metric_type_t type)
 Calculates distance. More...
virtual void calc_euclidean_metric (const gr_complex *sample, float *metric)
virtual void calc_hard_symbol_metric (const gr_complex *sample, float *metric)
std::vector< gr_complexpoints ()
 Returns the set of points in this constellation. More...
std::vector< gr_complexs_points ()
 Returns the vector of points in this constellation. Raise error if dimensionality is not one. More...
std::vector< std::vector< gr_complex > > v_points ()
 Returns a vector of vectors of points. More...
bool apply_pre_diff_code ()
 Whether to apply an encoding before doing differential encoding. (e.g. gray coding) More...
void set_pre_diff_code (bool a)
 Whether to apply an encoding before doing differential encoding. (e.g. gray coding) More...
std::vector< int > pre_diff_code ()
 Returns the encoding to apply before differential encoding. More...
unsigned int rotational_symmetry ()
 Returns the order of rotational symmetry. More...
unsigned int dimensionality ()
 Returns the number of complex numbers in a single symbol. More...
unsigned int bits_per_symbol ()
unsigned int arity ()
constellation_sptr base ()
pmt::pmt_t as_pmt ()
void gen_soft_dec_lut (int precision, float npwr=-1)
 Generates the soft decision LUT based on constellation and symbol map. More...
virtual std::vector< float > calc_soft_dec (gr_complex sample, float npwr=-1)
 Calculate soft decisions for the given sample. More...
void set_soft_dec_lut (const std::vector< std::vector< float >> &soft_dec_lut, int precision)
 Define a soft decision look-up table. More...
void set_npwr (float npwr)
 Sets the constellation noise power and recalculates LUT given npwr. More...
bool has_soft_dec_lut ()
 Returns True if the soft decision LUT has been defined, False otherwise. More...
std::vector< std::vector< float > > soft_dec_lut ()
std::vector< float > soft_decision_maker (gr_complex sample)
 Returns the soft decisions for the given sample. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual unsigned int get_sector (const gr_complex *sample)=0
virtual unsigned int calc_sector_value (unsigned int sector)=0
void find_sector_values ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gr::digital::constellation
float get_distance (unsigned int index, const gr_complex *sample)
unsigned int get_closest_point (const gr_complex *sample)
void calc_arity ()
void max_min_axes ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned int n_sectors
- Protected Attributes inherited from gr::digital::constellation
std::vector< gr_complexd_constellation
std::vector< int > d_pre_diff_code
bool d_apply_pre_diff_code
unsigned int d_rotational_symmetry
unsigned int d_dimensionality
unsigned int d_arity
float d_scalefactor
 The factor by which the user given constellation points were scaled by to achieve an average amplitude of 1. More...
float d_maxamp
float d_re_min
float d_re_max
float d_im_min
float d_im_max
std::vector< std::vector< float > > d_soft_dec_lut
int d_lut_precision
float d_lut_scale
float d_npwr
float d_padding
bool d_use_external_lut

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Sectorized digital constellation.


Constellation space is divided into sectors. Each sector is associated with the nearest constellation point.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ constellation_sector()

gr::digital::constellation_sector::constellation_sector ( std::vector< gr_complex constell,
std::vector< int >  pre_diff_code,
unsigned int  rotational_symmetry,
unsigned int  dimensionality,
unsigned int  n_sectors,
normalization_t  normalization = AMPLITUDE_NORMALIZATION 

Make a sectorized constellation object.

constellList of constellation points (order of list matches pre_diff_code)
pre_diff_codeList of alphabet symbols (before applying any differential coding) (order of list matches constell)
rotational_symmetryNumber of rotations around unit circle that have the same representation.
dimensionalityNumber of z-axis dimensions to the constellation
n_sectorsNumber of sectors in the constellation.
normalizationUse AMPLITUDE_NORMALIZATION to normalize points to mean(abs(points))=1 (default), POWER_NORMALIZATION to normalize points to mean(abs(points)^2)=1 or NO_NORMALIZATION to keep the original amplitude.

◆ ~constellation_sector()

gr::digital::constellation_sector::~constellation_sector ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ calc_sector_value()

virtual unsigned int gr::digital::constellation_sector::calc_sector_value ( unsigned int  sector)
protectedpure virtual

◆ decision_maker()

unsigned int gr::digital::constellation_sector::decision_maker ( const gr_complex sample)

Returns the constellation point that matches best.

Implements gr::digital::constellation.

◆ find_sector_values()

void gr::digital::constellation_sector::find_sector_values ( )

◆ get_sector()

virtual unsigned int gr::digital::constellation_sector::get_sector ( const gr_complex sample)
protectedpure virtual

Member Data Documentation

◆ n_sectors

unsigned int gr::digital::constellation_sector::n_sectors

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