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gr::fec::tpc_encoder Class Reference

#include <gnuradio/fec/tpc_encoder.h>

Public Member Functions

 ~tpc_encoder () override
double rate () override
bool set_frame_size (unsigned int) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from gr::fec::generic_encoder
int unique_id ()
std::string alias ()
virtual const char * get_input_conversion ()
virtual const char * get_output_conversion ()
 generic_encoder (void)
 generic_encoder (std::string name)
virtual ~generic_encoder ()

Static Public Member Functions

static generic_encoder::sptr make (std::vector< int > row_poly, std::vector< int > col_poly, int krow, int kcol, int bval, int qval)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gr::fec::generic_encoder
typedef std::shared_ptr< generic_encodersptr
- Public Attributes inherited from gr::fec::generic_encoder
int my_id
std::string d_name
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gr::fec::generic_encoder
static int base_unique_id
- Protected Attributes inherited from gr::fec::generic_encoder
gr::logger_ptr d_logger

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~tpc_encoder()

gr::fec::tpc_encoder::~tpc_encoder ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ make()

static generic_encoder::sptr gr::fec::tpc_encoder::make ( std::vector< int >  row_poly,
std::vector< int >  col_poly,
int  krow,
int  kcol,
int  bval,
int  qval 

◆ rate()

double gr::fec::tpc_encoder::rate ( )

Returns the rate of the code. For every 1 input bit, there are r output bits, so the rate is 1/r. Used for setting things like the encoder block's relative rate.

This function MUST be reimplemented by the child class.

Implements gr::fec::generic_encoder.

◆ set_frame_size()

bool gr::fec::tpc_encoder::set_frame_size ( unsigned int  frame_size)

Updates the size of the frame to encode.

The child class MUST implement this function and interpret how the frame_size information affects the block's behavior. It should also provide bounds checks.

Implements gr::fec::generic_encoder.

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