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rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom > Class Template Reference

Registers a read-only function to get a parameter over ControlPort. More...

#include <gnuradio/rpcregisterhelpers.h>

Public Member Functions

void setptr (Tfrom *_variable)
 rpcbasic_register_variable ()
 rpcbasic_register_variable (const std::string &namebase, const char *functionbase, Tfrom *variable, const pmt::pmt_t &min, const pmt::pmt_t &max, const pmt::pmt_t &def, const char *units_="", const char *desc_="", priv_lvl_t minpriv_=RPC_PRIVLVL_MIN, DisplayType display_=DISPNULL)
 Adds the ability to get the variable over ControlPort. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from rpcbasic_base
 rpcbasic_base ()
virtual ~rpcbasic_base ()

Protected Member Functions

Tfrom get ()

Protected Attributes

rpcbasic_register_get< rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >, Tfrom > d_rpc_reg
Tfrom * d_variable

Detailed Description

template<typename Tfrom>
class rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >

Registers a read-only function to get a parameter over ControlPort.

This class allows us to remotely get a value or parameter of the block over ControlPort. Unlike the rpcbasic_register_get class, this version is passed the variable directly and establishes a getter for us, so there is no need to have a getter function already in the object.

This version is for read-only get access.

We can set the (expected) minimum (min), maximum (max), and default (def) of the variables we will get. These values are not enforced, however, but can be useful for setting up graphs and other ways of bounding the data.

This class also allows us to provide information to the user about the variable, such as an appropriate unit (units_) as well as a description (desc_) about what the variable does.

The privilege (minpriv_) level is the minimum privilege level a remote must identify with to be able to call this function.

We also provide display hints (display_), which can be used by the ControlPort client application to know how to best display or even print the data. This is a mask of options for variables set in rpccallbackregister_base.h. The mask is defined by one of the "DisplayType Plotting Types" and or'd with any of the "DisplayType Options" features. See "Display Options" in ControlPort for details.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ rpcbasic_register_variable() [1/2]

template<typename Tfrom >
rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >::rpcbasic_register_variable ( )

Empty constructor which should never be called but needs to exist for us in various STL data structures

◆ rpcbasic_register_variable() [2/2]

template<typename Tfrom >
rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >::rpcbasic_register_variable ( const std::string &  namebase,
const char *  functionbase,
Tfrom *  variable,
const pmt::pmt_t min,
const pmt::pmt_t max,
const pmt::pmt_t def,
const char *  units_ = "",
const char *  desc_ = "",
priv_lvl_t  minpriv_ = RPC_PRIVLVL_MIN,
DisplayType  display_ = DISPNULL 

Adds the ability to get the variable over ControlPort.

Creates a new getter accessor function to read variable.

namebaseName of the object being set up for ControlPort access
functionbaseThe name of the function that we'll access over ControlPort
variableA pointer to the variable, possibly as a member of a class
minExpected minimum value the parameter can hold
maxExpected maximum value the parameter can hold
defExpected default value the parameter can hold
units_A string to describe what units to represent the variable with
desc_A string to describe the variable.
minpriv_The required minimum privilege level
display_The display mask

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

template<typename Tfrom >
Tfrom rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >::get ( )

◆ setptr()

template<typename Tfrom >
void rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >::setptr ( Tfrom *  _variable)

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_rpc_reg

template<typename Tfrom >
rpcbasic_register_get<rpcbasic_register_variable<Tfrom>, Tfrom> rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >::d_rpc_reg

◆ d_variable

template<typename Tfrom >
Tfrom* rpcbasic_register_variable< Tfrom >::d_variable

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