GNU Radio Manual and C++ API Reference
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class  gr::basic_block
 The abstract base class for all signal processing blocks. More...
class  gr::block_detail
 Implementation details to support the signal processing abstraction. More...
class  gr::buffer
 Single writer, multiple reader fifo. More...
class  gr::buffer_reader
 How we keep track of the readers of a gr::buffer. More...
class  gr::endpoint
 Class representing a specific input or output graph endpoint. More...
class  gr::flowgraph
 Class representing a directed, acyclic graph of basic blocks. More...


static sptr gr::io_signature::make (int min_streams, int max_streams, int sizeof_stream_item)
 Create an i/o signature. More...

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◆ make()

static sptr gr::io_signature::make ( int  min_streams,
int  max_streams,
int  sizeof_stream_item 

Create an i/o signature.

min_streamsspecify minimum number of streams (>= 0)
max_streamsspecify maximum number of streams (>= min_streams or -1 -> infinite)
sizeof_stream_itemspecify the size of the items in each stream

Referenced by gr::soapy::block_impl::args_to_io_sig().