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gr::fft Namespace Reference


class  ctrlport_probe_psd
 A ControlPort probe to export vectors of signals. More...
class  planner
 Export reference to planner mutex for those apps that want to use FFTW w/o using the fft_impl_fftw* classes. More...
struct  fft_inbuf
 FFT: templated. More...
struct  fft_inbuf< float, false >
struct  fft_outbuf
struct  fft_outbuf< float, true >
class  fft
class  fft_shift
 reorder FFT results which are ordered from 0 to 1 in normalized frequency to -0.5 to 0.5 by cyclic shift More...
class  fft_v
 Compute forward or reverse FFT. complex vector in / complex vector out. More...
class  goertzel
 Implements Goertzel single-bin DFT calculation. More...
class  goertzel_fc
 Goertzel single-bin DFT calculation. More...
class  window


using fft_complex_fwd = fft< gr_complex, true >
using fft_complex_rev = fft< gr_complex, false >
using fft_real_fwd = fft< float, true >
using fft_real_rev = fft< float, false >

Typedef Documentation

◆ fft_complex_fwd

using gr::fft::fft_complex_fwd = typedef fft<gr_complex, true>

◆ fft_complex_rev

using gr::fft::fft_complex_rev = typedef fft<gr_complex, false>

◆ fft_real_fwd

using gr::fft::fft_real_fwd = typedef fft<float, true>

◆ fft_real_rev

using gr::fft::fft_real_rev = typedef fft<float, false>