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gr::pdu Namespace Reference


class  add_system_time
 Adds system time to a PDU's metadata. More...
class  pdu_filter
 Propagates only pdus containing k=>v in meta. More...
class  pdu_remove
 remove key k in pdu's meta field and pass on More...
class  pdu_set
 Set k=>v in pdu's meta field and pass on. More...
class  pdu_split
 Split PDU dict and data to separate ports. More...
class  pdu_to_stream
 Emit a PDU data as a simple GR stream. More...
class  pdu_to_tagged_stream
 Turns received PDUs into a tagged stream of items. More...
class  random_pdu
 Sends a random PDU at intervals. More...
class  tagged_stream_to_pdu
 Turns received stream data and tags into PDUs and sends them through a message port. More...
class  tags_to_pdu
 Tags to PDU. More...
class  take_skip_to_pdu
 Extract periodic PDUs from a data stream. More...
class  time_delta
 Compute system time differences and provide statistics upon completion. More...


typedef pdu_to_stream< unsigned char > pdu_to_stream_b
typedef pdu_to_stream< short > pdu_to_stream_s
typedef pdu_to_stream< short > pdu_to_stream_i
typedef pdu_to_stream< float > pdu_to_stream_f
typedef pdu_to_stream< gr_complexpdu_to_stream_c
typedef tags_to_pdu< unsigned char > tags_to_pdu_b
typedef tags_to_pdu< short > tags_to_pdu_s
typedef tags_to_pdu< int > tags_to_pdu_i
typedef tags_to_pdu< float > tags_to_pdu_f
typedef tags_to_pdu< gr_complextags_to_pdu_c
typedef take_skip_to_pdu< unsigned char > take_skip_to_pdu_b
typedef take_skip_to_pdu< short > take_skip_to_pdu_s
typedef take_skip_to_pdu< int > take_skip_to_pdu_i
typedef take_skip_to_pdu< float > take_skip_to_pdu_f
typedef take_skip_to_pdu< gr_complextake_skip_to_pdu_c


enum  early_pdu_behavior_t { EARLY_BURST_APPEND = 0 , EARLY_BURST_DROP , EARLY_BURST_BALK }


GR_RUNTIME_API size_t itemsize (types::vector_type type)
GR_RUNTIME_API bool type_matches (types::vector_type type, pmt::pmt_t v)
GR_RUNTIME_API pmt::pmt_t make_pdu_vector (types::vector_type type, const uint8_t *buf, size_t items)
GR_RUNTIME_API types::vector_type type_from_pmt (pmt::pmt_t vector)

Typedef Documentation

◆ pdu_to_stream_b

typedef pdu_to_stream<unsigned char> gr::pdu::pdu_to_stream_b

◆ pdu_to_stream_c

◆ pdu_to_stream_f

◆ pdu_to_stream_i

◆ pdu_to_stream_s

◆ tags_to_pdu_b

typedef tags_to_pdu<unsigned char> gr::pdu::tags_to_pdu_b

◆ tags_to_pdu_c

◆ tags_to_pdu_f

◆ tags_to_pdu_i

◆ tags_to_pdu_s

◆ take_skip_to_pdu_b

◆ take_skip_to_pdu_c

◆ take_skip_to_pdu_f

◆ take_skip_to_pdu_i

◆ take_skip_to_pdu_s

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ early_pdu_behavior_t


Function Documentation

◆ itemsize()

GR_RUNTIME_API size_t gr::pdu::itemsize ( types::vector_type  type)

◆ make_pdu_vector()

GR_RUNTIME_API pmt::pmt_t gr::pdu::make_pdu_vector ( types::vector_type  type,
const uint8_t *  buf,
size_t  items 

◆ type_from_pmt()

GR_RUNTIME_API types::vector_type gr::pdu::type_from_pmt ( pmt::pmt_t  vector)

◆ type_matches()

GR_RUNTIME_API bool gr::pdu::type_matches ( types::vector_type  type,
pmt::pmt_t  v