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gr::block_registry Class Reference

#include <gnuradio/block_registry.h>

Public Member Functions

 block_registry ()
long block_register (basic_block *block)
void block_unregister (basic_block *block)
std::string register_symbolic_name (basic_block *block)
void register_symbolic_name (basic_block *block, std::string name)
void update_symbolic_name (basic_block *block, std::string name)
basic_block_sptr block_lookup (pmt::pmt_t symbol)
void register_primitive (std::string blk, gr::block *ref)
void unregister_primitive (std::string blk)
void notify_blk (std::string blk)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gr::block_registry::block_registry ( )

Member Function Documentation

long gr::block_registry::block_register ( basic_block block)
void gr::block_registry::block_unregister ( basic_block block)
void gr::block_registry::notify_blk ( std::string  blk)
void gr::block_registry::register_primitive ( std::string  blk,
gr::block ref 
std::string gr::block_registry::register_symbolic_name ( basic_block block)
void gr::block_registry::register_symbolic_name ( basic_block block,
std::string  name 
void gr::block_registry::unregister_primitive ( std::string  blk)
void gr::block_registry::update_symbolic_name ( basic_block block,
std::string  name 

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