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gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma Class Reference

#include <gnuradio/digital/adaptive_algorithm_cma.h>

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< adaptive_algorithm_cmasptr

Public Member Functions

gr_complex error (const gr_complex &out) const
gr_complex error_dd (gr_complex &u_n, gr_complex &decision) const override
gr_complex error_tr (const gr_complex &u_n, const gr_complex &d_n) const override
void update_taps (gr_complex *taps, const gr_complex *in, const gr_complex error, const gr_complex decision, unsigned int num_taps) override
gr_complex update_tap (const gr_complex tap, const gr_complex &u_n, const gr_complex err, const gr_complex decision) override
 ~adaptive_algorithm_cma () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm
virtual ~adaptive_algorithm ()
 adaptive_algorithm (adaptive_algorithm_t alg_type, constellation_sptr cons)
adaptive_algorithm_sptr base ()
virtual void initialize_taps (std::vector< gr_complex > &taps)

Static Public Member Functions

static sptr make (constellation_sptr cons, float step_size, float modulus)

Protected Member Functions

 adaptive_algorithm_cma (constellation_sptr cons, float step_size, float modulus)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm
const adaptive_algorithm_t d_algorithm_type
const constellation_sptr d_constellation

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ sptr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ adaptive_algorithm_cma()

gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::adaptive_algorithm_cma ( constellation_sptr  cons,
float  step_size,
float  modulus 

References gr::digital::CMA.

◆ ~adaptive_algorithm_cma()

gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::~adaptive_algorithm_cma ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ error()

gr_complex gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::error ( const gr_complex out) const

References gr::clip().

◆ error_dd()

gr_complex gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::error_dd ( gr_complex u_n,
gr_complex decision 
) const

Reimplemented from gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm.

◆ error_tr()

gr_complex gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::error_tr ( const gr_complex u_n,
const gr_complex d_n 
) const

Reimplemented from gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm.

◆ make()

static sptr gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::make ( constellation_sptr  cons,
float  step_size,
float  modulus 

References pmt::cons().

◆ update_tap()

gr_complex gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::update_tap ( const gr_complex  tap,
const gr_complex u_n,
const gr_complex  err,
const gr_complex  decision 

◆ update_taps()

void gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm_cma::update_taps ( gr_complex taps,
const gr_complex in,
const gr_complex  error,
const gr_complex  decision,
unsigned int  num_taps 

Reimplemented from gr::digital::adaptive_algorithm.

References taps.

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